The sustainable choice

Brose is a sustainable alternative to dairy milk and other plant-based drinks. Our 100% Scottish oats are easy to grow and source locally – unlike soy, almonds or coconuts. What’s more, oat-drink production emits one-third less CO2 than dairy milk.

We only use glass bottles – because it makes good environmental sense. Not only is glass easier to recycle than long-life cartons, it’s also less expensive. That means we spend less on packaging – savings we pass on to our customers.

Return. Recycle. Re-use.

When you’ve finished your next bottle of delicious Brose oat milk, return the empty to your Brose retailer. You’ll get £1 off your next bottle of Brose – or £1 cashback. It’s sustainability made simple.

“The Refillery is a plastic free and ethical goods store that is helping people make more sustainable choices. Brose is a fantastic product and we’re proud to use their returnable bottle system in all three of our shops in Edinburgh.”

Kelly Wright, The Refillery, Edinburgh


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