Our Products

Made in East Lothian using only the very best quality Scottish Oats. Our oat drinks are smooth, creamy, and nutritious. They are also a healthy source of fibre and are vegan friendly.

We currently have Brose Original Style and Barista Style. We use returnable / reusable 1 Litre glass bottles that we collect weekly at time of delivery.

Brose Original Style


Brose Original Style can be used in all sorts of ways. It is perfect for porridge, overnight oats, great for milk shakes, smoothies and even baking. There are countless uses, but it is also just a great refreshing drink on its own.

Brose Barista Style


Brose Barista Style has been designed with a neutral flavour to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the natural flavour of your coffee or tea. It’s deliciously creamy and froths perfectly allowing for that precision barista art to be created.