Brose – Steeped in History

As a simple meal of oats and spring water, ‘brose’ fuelled generations of farmers in their fields. According to legend, it even sent the armies of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce into battle.

We’ve been inspired by history to create our own unique range of delicious non-dairy Brose drinks – all packed with the same natural goodness.

Good for you, Good for Scotland
and good for the environment

Today, Brose still contains Scottish water and 100% Scottish oats – a natural superfood that has essential vitamins and minerals, and is a great source of fibre.

We only use oats from farmers we know, support local employment at our production facility in East Lothian and are committed to using sustainable packaging – glass bottles that can be returned and re-used.

“Brose oat drink is very tasty and easy to work with for baristas. We are proud to support them as an independent Scottish business!”

Jen Anderson, Piece, Glasgow


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